Albert Thomas Gould

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gould2Albert Thomas Gould was part of the 779 West Somerset Yeomanry.

Albert Thomas Gould was born in Bermondsey, London 1887. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to a Farrier and learnt to shoe Dray horses. A few years later he came to Somerset to help his aunt, Harriet Pym, run her Taxi business by looking after the horses. Albert, and his aunt Harriet, ran the business at his Grandparents family home, Wyndham House, (now called The Stone House) at Sellicks Green.

This house was also known as The Stores, Sellicks Green – according to the 1911 Census- and was built for the elderly grandparents, William and Harriet Gould, with help from their son Augustus. The couple had earned their living running several shops in and around Blagdon Hill, including the house on the right of The White Lion. (Now known as The Blagdon Inn.)

When the call came, Albert joined the West Somerset Yeomanry, which later became part of The Somerset Light Infantry.

We can only piece together his service activities during the war from the photographs the family have kept. His Military records were lost in bombing raids during WWII. He never spoke about the horrors of war he had witnessed.

He was a gentle, kind-hearted man who cared for his horses. He ground down his spurs so that the horses he rode wouldn’t be lacerated and ALWAYS had his dog at his side.

He was discharged in August 1919 suffering from dysentery having served in the Balkans. (According to his discharge paper) he suffered from depression for years afterwards and we can now recognise this as Post Traumatic Stress.

On his return, he married Lillian in Pitminster Church, and continued to run the business in Sellicks Green. With the introduction of the motorcar this became a Motor Business serving petrol and maintaining vehicles. It was known as Pym and Nephew’s garage. The married couple lived in Julia Cottage where, Barbara, their first child was born. Followed by Philip and Kenneth.

gould3As her health failed, Harriet was nursed by Lillian until she passed away and the business closed. Albert and Lillian moved to Gould’s Cottages, (now known as Pixy Lawn) bought by and lived in by an uncle, Harry Gould and his wife in 1900). They lived there for many years until their declining health dictated a home with modern plumbing.

Albert was a kind and fair-minded person and greatly loved by all his family. Who could only guess the sacrifice he made during those war years.

Some of the residence will know that Barbara lived in Lower Blagdon all her life and was married to Norman Rees. They lived in the same cottage, next to Albert and Lillian, Gould’s Cottages, for their entire married life.

Albert’s Grand daughter – Michele Sanders.

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