F.L. Huxtable

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Mr Huxtable was in the engineers but it appears he was transferred to Labour the Corps as a temporary 2nd Lieutenant and was awarded the three Victory medals known as Pip, Squeak and Wilfred. It also appears from records that he was also awarded the British War Medal. The Labour Corps was formed in 1915 and disbanded in 1921. Today their roles are under taken by the Royal Logistic Corps.

During the First World War the Labour Corps grew to 389,900 men of which 175,000 were working in the UK and the rest of the theatres of war. The Corps was manned by officers and other ranks who had been medically rated as below the A1 condition needed for front line service. Many were returned wounded. Labour Corps units were often deployed for work within the range of enemy guns It is possible that Lieutenant F.L. Huxtable led one of these units but war records are incomplete as many incidents were not recorded accurately. (this the relative of Mrs Sloley of this parish).

(Image not of Mr Huxtable and By Simon Q from United Kingdom (British WW1 Rifleman Uploaded by High Contrast) [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons).

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