William George Leaney

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In October 1914 enlisted in the Warwickshire Yeomanry in 1916 served in Sinai and Palestine under General Allenby He was involved in the Battle of Romani (see Photo) when the enemies invasion of Egypt was defeated. In 1917 he was in the Charge to take the Turkish Gun’s at HuJ this was reputed to be the last charge of the cavalry armed with swords and lances of the British Army. NCO Leaney was a “Galloper” which translates as a Runner for the Commanding Officer. When NCO Leaney arrived at one the HUJ guns immediately after the charge he witnessed the death of a Turkish Gunner mortally wounded with a lance In 1971. There was a very good account in the Daily Telegraph from Jerry Wiggin M.P. for Weston Super-Mare detailing this charge which his father was also involved.

One of the Huj guns is displayed in the Yeomanry Museum in Warwick.

On May 27th 1918 the H.M. Transport “Leasowe Castle “was torpedoed and sunk off Alexandria 102 officers and men were lost and all the horses. The survivors returned to Alexandria. It was at this point NCO Leaney was selected for training in the UK to be a commissioned officer.

William George Leaney was commissioned in 1918 into the Royal Engineers but the war ended before he saw active service he was demobilized and he and Bessie Darling Whittle married in November 1919.


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