Joseph Ridley

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Joseph Born 13/4/1897 Cumberland move to Leicester then to Birmingham.

Joseph standing with his brother John Jacob sitting in their uniforms before they went off to war. Photo taken 1918 so Joseph was 19 his brother 5 years older. Both brothers survived and were war heros. 3 other brothers died.

He was shot in the Somme in a huge bomb crater by a young german soldier he only shot his arm but Joseph then had to retaliate and shot him dead.

He was sent to hospital then sent back to the battle but on return was caught in grenade exploison, he lucky managed to crawl away from initial impact but was hit by shrapnel in the back. This ended his army life.

He was married for over 70 years to Charlotte Ridley (Lottie). They lived in Birmingham and both died in 1995. Both are buried in Coeshill Cemetry.

They are survived by 1 grandson, 1 great grandson and 4 great granddaughters.

Information provided by David Ridley.

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