William Allan King

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William was born in Liverpool 11th July 1889. He attended Liverpool Institute serving as an engineering apprentice at Grayson, Rollo Clover Docks and when qualified he went to sea as a junior marine engineer in the Merchant Navy. He was in this post as the Great War broke out. The ship he was on was shelled. Unfortunately many engineers were lost when boats were shelled and sunk as they worked below decks; 2nd engineer William King survived.

He then joined the army and rose to the rank of Staff Sargent as shown in the photograph. Whilst serving abroad in France he sent mementos home to his family of silver spoons engraved with the name of the town in France where they came from.

He served till the end of the war. Then re-joined the Merchant Navy and served in the Second World War, taken prisoner he escaped and lived until 1965. (this was the father of Mrs P Clay, Blagdon Hill)

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